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A: Swamp Rehabilitation and Restoration Methods

Bank Slump & Head Cut Remediation Bank Slump Erosion Control Bio Filtration Construction- Murray St Leura Brush Groins Instream and Riparian Zone Protection Swamp Re-wetting cells Kanimbla st Katoomba Swamp Rehabilitation Marmion Swamp Blue Mountains Swamp Rehabilitation Popes Glen Blackheath Swamp Rehydration

B- Peatland restoration

Channel Blocks Lawsons Long Alley Channel Blocks Lawsons Long Alley- 2 Channel Blocks- Swamp Restoration / Peat rewetting Coxs River Peatland rewetting Small channel block with low flow transfer

C:Rock-lined Channels and Bio-filtration Basins

Assortment of Rock lined Channels and structures Bio Filtration Construction- Jersey Avenue Leura Biofiltration Basins- Barnett St Glenbrook Creekline Rock Armouring & Rock Basins Erosion & Storm Water Runoff Control Erosion control & rock armoring Blue Mountains Coa Erosion Control Level Spreader Construction Geo Fabric & Jute Mesh Install Rock lined Channel Blackheath Blue Mountains Rock lined Channel Blaxland Blue Mountains Rock lined Channel Blue Mountains Hazelbrook Rock lined Channel Deane st Glenbrook Rock lined Channel Restoration & Plantings Rock lined Drainage Channel Blue Mountains Rock work Blue Mountains Springwood High School Biofiltration and rock work

D: Bushdoctor Weed Control Methods

Chainsaw & Chipper Chainsaws & Stem Injection Hand weeding Cut and Paint and Stem Scraping High Volume and Backpack Weed Spraying Rope Work

E: Native Flora of Sydney and Blue Mountains

Fungi & Lichens Native Grasses Native Orchids Native Trees, Shrubs & Vines Vegetation Communities Sydney & Blue Mountains Weeds Sydney and Blue Mountains

F: Native Fauna

Birds of Sydney Region NSW and Australia Dragonflies and Damselflies of Sydney Region Fauna and Flora: Habitation and Protection Frogs of Sydney Region NSW and Australia Insects and other Arthropods Mammals of the Sydney Region and NSW Molluscs of the Sydney Region and NSW Reptiles of the Sydney Region NSW and Australia Spiders of the Sydney Region and NSW

G: Fauna Scats, Tracks & Traces

Scats Traces

Grose Valley, Evans Lookout Blackheath.

H: Threatened and Vulnerable Species of NSW

Birds Frogs Mulloscs Reptiles Trees Shrubs & Vines

I: Bushdoctor Revegetation Methods

Brushmatting with Native Vegetation Landscaping & Mulching Monitoring Planting and Replanting with Native Tubestock Ripping with Excavator

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