The Bushdoctor NSW

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Experience ~ Western Sydney/Cumberland Plain

Agnes Banks Nature Reserve – Bush regeneration works to improve Cumberland Land Snail habitat (National Parks & Wildlife Service)

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute – Regeneration of Cumberland Plains Woodland (HNCMA/Barragal Landcare Group)

‘Great River Walk’ Project - Riverbank restoration along 3kms of river and revegetation establishing 20,000 plants (Penrith City Council)

Lake Burragorang - Documenting and mapping the extent of Moth Vine within the Lake Burragorang catchment area and preparing a Plan of Management for its future control (Sydney Catchment Authority)

Mulgoa Nature Reserve - Noxious weed and African Olive removal on significant shale-cliffs and within two EECs in the Mulgoa Nature Reserve. Facilitating ‘Corporate Days’ with NPWS and the Landcare Group (National Parks & Wildlife Service/Mulgoa Valley Landcare Group)

Nepean River - Riverbank weed control and revegetation works on three sections of the Nepean River in EECs. Long-term Site Management Plans prepared (Penrith City Council)

SprayingPied Piper, Chopin Park, Oppy and #587 Reserves - Bushland regeneration work in degraded urban bushland Reserves involving; weed removal and revegetation works, and the compilation of flora and fauna species lists for the Blacktown LGA (Blacktown City Council)

Prospect Nature Reserve - Bush regeneration targeting woody weeds to enhance Pimelea spicata habitat in Cumberland Plain Woodland (DECC)

Ropes Creek - Restoration of River-Flat Eucalypt Forest on Coastal Floodplains (Delfin Lendlease)

Wallacia SilverdaleWallacia/Silverdale/Mulgoa - High-volume weed spraying, noxious weed control, hydro-seeding, native species transplanting, bush regeneration, brushmatting and landscaping of decommissioned sewerage pumping stations (PSP)


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