The Bushdoctor NSW

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What is the aim of Bushland regeneration?

In its truest form, the aim of bushland regeneration is to restore damaged native ecosystems; to assist the natural regeneration and recruitment of indigenous species to flourish within those systems, and return to a balanced state of self-maintenance.



How do we achieve this?

Various methods of bush regeneration, weed control and restoration techniques can be employed to help assist the process of natural regeneration.

An initial assessment measures the resilience levels on a site and determines what the ecological response will be to varying degrees of intervention. Based upon that outcome, the most appropriate site strategy is implemented to ensure that the rehabilitation techniques utilised are the most effective and efficient, and undertaken in a considered, sensitive and co-ordinated way.


If the resilience of an area is so diminished to not promote natural regeneration, a different level of intervention is applied which may include supplementary planting or direct-seeding. If assisted natural regeneration is not achievable then the fabrication /reconstruction of the representative vegetation community may be required.